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The poweradd power bank is a portable dual usb external battery charger forcellphone that will power your device up when you need it to. It comes with a 10000mah power bank, so you can charge your phone up even when you don't have power. The power bank is also reversible dual usb type c charging cable,

Top 10 POWERADD Power Bank Review

This is a small, 192-unit power bank that doubles as a 2-volt battery for your next project. Made of durable plastic and metal, this billfold-sizedunit offers enough power to charge your phone and ammount of data storage options. The dual usb type-c charger lets youexcite your device with the sun's rays, while the adjustable chemistry-2 powerode ensures long battery life.
this power bank is perfect for taking with you when you go out of town, or when you need a quick power run. It has a 1300mah battery and an external charger so you can re-charge your phone without having to go home and give it a rest.
the poweradd power bank is a top-of-the-line power bank that can fulfill your power needs. This power bank comes with a10000mah power bank fast charger, which can charge your devices multiple times during the day. The battery pack also includes a dual usb port for charging your devices. The power bank is also portable and can be used while it is charged, making it a great choice for those who are on the go.